gniklat – That’s talking backwards…

I’m in the throes of learning the Jabberwocky’s words backwards. As Alice read the book by looking at its reflection in the mirror, I am trying to get the same audio effect by reciting the poem backwards, then reversing it. I remember a similar technique done through David Lynch’s Twin Peaks character The Man From Another Place. 



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University Centre at Blackburn College – end of year show


Work from degree and foundation degree students studying fine art, photography, graphic design, Illustration, animation, new media, fashion, textiles and interior design. iPad eBook to follow shortly…

Blackburn College eBook – Namibia

Blackburn College - Namibia

Blackburn College’s first eBook for iPad – available to download on the iBookstore. Designed and published for the College by Yours Truly!
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Welcome to my WordPress site…

Hi there.

This is my new web domain – Apple ditched their web hosting last year, so I’ve upped sticks and arrived here on WordPress. This site is also born out of me learning WordPress for two courses I teach on: BA (H0ns) Design and BA (Hons) English Language & Literary Studies, both at the University Centre at Blackburn College, UK. There’s quit a bit of old stuff on here – it’s what I have to hand, but I’ll be posting new material up shortly – animation, interactive and written…

Anyhoo hope you like,

Laters, M.