Unity 3D – RPG game level

Here are some screenshots from a game I have been developing. Game elements include ray casting, day/night simulation, particle systems, first , game objectives, NPCs, melée weapons, enemies, health system and a mini map.

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Screen capture of the game in action:


Included in SIGGRAPH DAC gallery!



Welcome to my WordPress site…

Hi there.

This is my new web domain – Apple ditched their web hosting last year, so I’ve upped sticks and arrived here on WordPress. This site is also born out of me learning WordPress for two courses I teach on: BA (H0ns) Design and BA (Hons) English Language & Literary Studies, both at the University Centre at Blackburn College, UK. There’s quit a bit of old stuff on here – it’s what I have to hand, but I’ll be posting new material up shortly – animation, interactive and written…

Anyhoo hope you like,

Laters, M.